THE voice-over pro!

You look for quality when making important business decisions about your public message and image on the international market.  That’s where I come in, offering corporate, native, American English voice-overs, Finnish-English translation, proofreading, copy-editing, English language and lyric coaching for bands, acting for TV/movies/adverts, in addition to graphic artwork and illustration services.

Michael Majalahti


You’re serious about your business.  About it looking good and sounding good.  About doing things right — the first time around.

Because you know, that a near-miss is just an opportunity wasted.  And second best is never good enough.

That’s why I’m here, offering native, North American English voice-overs with an intuitive, commercial feel.

There’s a reason you choose a professional to relay your message and presentation.  Because you’re serious about your business.

Quality counts.

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