Welcome to the spoken world of my voice-over services.  I have done a plethora or voice-over and voice acting work for various companies throughout Finland.  From television and media production companies such as MTV3, ITV, Nelonen, Yellow Film and Banijay Finland to franchises and corporate giants such as McDonald’s, Subway, Battery, NCC, Metso, Nordic Business Forum and a litany of others, I have been the man to call for corporate English presentation needs.

Why choose Michael Majalahti?  Simply put, you will hard-pressed to find anyone of my caliber in Finland and arguably most of Scandinavia and the Nordic region, when it comes to clean, dynamic, dramatic and well-spoken native American-style English.  I was born in Canada, spent 23 years of my life in North America, and I intuitively understand the expression of commercial English as a byproduct of my upbringing in that culture.

The work I have done ranges from TV productions such as trailers and adverts to corporate sales pitches for companies both big and small.

In Finland, I am officially represented by Dictum (see Majalahti Michael – English US), the country’s oldest voice-over office, dating back to 1986.  My agent in Denmark is JAM (see Michael M, ID 682, male) out of Copenhagen, and in Sweden I am represented by Voice Professional (see Michael M in the roster).

Feel free to get in contact if you feel that my voice would suit your production!

dividing line

Here are a number of commissions that I have done:

dividing line

While mainly I do the bulk of my commissions in English, I also offer Finnish voice work, as heard in the trailer below:

Voice-overs in Finnish:

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