Graphic artwork

I have been a graphic artist since I literally came out of the womb. You could say that the gift for visualization and imagination was passed to me through my mother’s milk.  Since a young age, I have been drawing and painting.  Later on, after finishing high school, I got my collegiate graphic art diploma, and from there on out I went on to even spearhead my own graphic art company for seven years in Finland between 1996-2003.  Nowadays, I have resumed the path of the entrepreneur, offering graphic art in addition to my vocal and acting talents.

I am the visual creator behind SONY Music’s Hevisaurus children’s heavy metal band, which has now been licensed as a concept to various other countries.  I not only created the embodiments of Hevisaurus’ characters, I also drafted and designed the album covers for the bands albums: Jurahevin Kuninkaat (2009), Hirmuliskojen Yö (2010), Räyh! (2011), Räyhällistä Joulua (2011), Kadonneen Louhikäärmeen Arvoitus (2012) and Vihreä Vallankumous (2013).  I have also drawn the following Hevisaurus children’s books for publishing house Otava: Hevisaurus Keikkailee (2011), Hevisaurus ja Sapelihammaslääkäri (2012), along with the supplementary children’s coloring and crafts books to accompany these releases, Hevisaurus Jurapuuhaa (3 volumes, 2011-2013).

Hevisaurus album covers

I also illustrated and hand-painted the Kuningas Kustaa children’s book series for publisher Aika Ltd. in Finland,  This series, from the turn of the century, was the best-selling book in the publisher’s family-themed sub-category, and it included the tomes: Kuningas Kustaa ja Justiina-muori (1999), Kuningas Kustaa ja Euroopan-matka (1999) and Kuningas Kustaa ja Prinseessa Helmiina (2000).

Kuningas Kustaa series

I have taken on all kinds of commissions, from business mascot creation to brochure layouts to portraits to comic book work.  Whatever your need is, we can discuss the project in question and see whether my skills would suit your specific job.

Below you will find a vast array of different works from me, using anything from pen and ink to sable brush to guache to computer coloring and mixed media.


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